Too Midwest to be Stressed

The Midwest is more than a place on the map. It is a lifestyle. Our high quality shirts will have you showing your pride in style. Super soft t-shirts and hoodies for super strong Midwest pride. The Midwest is the heart of the country for a reason. Midwestern for life.

Founded in Rockford, IL. The Midwest has been a part of us as long as we have been alive.  We strive to bring every other person a chance to show off their Midwest pride and wear it proudly.  

Live your life Unstated.

It's our core belief here at Unstated Apparel. It's a way of life found all over the Midwest. The food, the music, the scenery, and more are all a part of the way we live here. We live a little slower and enjoy life as it comes. Whether it be camping in the middle of nowhere or exploring the big cities we keep our Midwestern pride deep in our hearts. So much so that people can tell you're from here just by your personality. Our lifestyle is engrained into our system and is second nature to us all. It is unspoken but always there.